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Release notes

Remote Display Analyzer 1903 (March 2019)

  • Overall improvements and bug fixes

Remote Display Analyzer 1902 (February 2019)

Release article

  • Added new information like the Windows build number and when running on Citrix or VMware the agent version number is now also displayed
  • Next to the primary screen resolution the DPI scale has been added
  • Support for the latest VMware Horizon (7.6\7.7) versions (integration with the latest Blast API)
  • Support for the latest Citrix VDA (1811) and latest HDX updates
  • Support for Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and the new Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops build (currently in private preview)
  • Added new Nvidia GPU usage information like the license type being used and the video encoder usage
  • Overall improvements and bug fixes

Remote Display Analyzer 3.0 (August 2018)

  • Logging feature, this is a much requested feature and makes it possible to (automatically) log to an external logfile which you can use to visualize the output with for example Graphs and Power BI
  • Support for the latest Remote Display protocol configurations from all supported vendors (Microsoft, Citrix and VMware)
  • New subscriber edition (besides the free community version) to offer support and advanced features

Remote Display Analyzer 2.0 (December 2017)

  • Support for the latest changes in Citrix HDX 7.16
  • Support for VMware Horizon View including both Blast and PCOIP
  • Support for basic GPU information with extended functionality for Nvidia vGPU
  • Addition of a reset button for the total analytics counters
  • Addition of a button that makes Remote Display Analyzer transparent

Remote Display Analyzer 1.5 (January 2017)

Release article

  • Remote Display Analyzer is now consolidated into one version, this means you can use the same executable for RDP and HDX. RDA will automatically detect which protocol and settings are in use, you don’t have to configure anything.
  • Support for the latest changes in HDX 7.11 & 7.12: Support for the latest video codec optimizations like actively changing regions (and ability to live switch between video codec settings), detect hardware encoding, support for 8-bit color depth, etc*
  • Numerous fixes and improvements for both RDP and HDX

*Citrix HDX EDT will be supported in the next version of Remote Display Analyzer

RDP Version 1.2 (Release version November 2016)

Release article

HDX Version 1.4 (August 4 2016)

Release article

  • Statistical information display the per session utilisation of resources
  • Displays the user and Citrix session id
  • Citrix policy updates
  • Various bug fixes

HDX Version 1.3 (March 7th 2016)

Release article

  • Legacy Graphics Mode support on 2012R2
  • The notification message now updates correctly when there are fixed encoder settings configured
  • Improved encoder CPU usage reporting based on the amount of available cores
  • Switch from and to legacy graphics mode
  • Notification when the user does not have enough permissions to change settings on the fly
  • Multiple other fixes and improvements

HDX Version 1.0 (Release version)

Release article