Microsoft RDP Features

Display Mode

Citrix HDX Display Analyzer Virtual Channel Display Mode

Detect Display Mode

Automatically detects the active display mode in use for the session.

Display protocol

Automatically detects the protocol in use.

Available Bandwidth

Displays the automatically predicted available bandwidth.

Real-Time Statistics

Citrix HDX Display Analyzer Analytics

Bandwidth Output

Displays the current bandwidth output for Microsoft RDP.

Round Trip Latency

Displays the roundtrip latency as detected for Microsoft RDP.

Package Flow Statistics

Citrix HDX Display Analyzer Analytics

Package Flow Statistics

Displays the total package FEC rate
Displays the total package loss rate
Displays the total retransmission rate

Frame Statistics

Citrix HDX Display Analyzer Analytics

Frame Statistics

Frames per second
Frame Quality

Skipped Frames due to

Insufficient Client resources
Insufficient Network resources
Insufficient Server resources

Total Analytics

Remote Display Analyzer settings - box

Total counters

Displays the total amount of display frames delivered to the client.
Displays the total bandwidth consumed by the RDP Protocol.

Average Bandwidth Consumed

Displays the average bandwidth consumption used by the RDP Protocol
The button on the down right resets all statistical counters