Remote Display Analyzer

Use Remote Display Analyzer to easily analyze the result of your configuration and change settings on the fly to assess the best possible end user experience for every user, on every device on every location




The power of Remote Display Analyzer lies in the simplicity. Because it will only show what you need when you need it there’s no distraction or complexity.
Specific display modes require specific settings, when Remote Display Analyzer detects a mode it will alter itself accordingly.

Before Remote Display Analyzer, configuring and monitoring of Citrix HDX Display settings required multiple consoles like the Citrix policy editor, HDX Monitor and Director or Microsoft Performance Monitor.
Remote Display Analyzer is the only solution that makes it possible to not only show you the resulting configuration of the Citrix policy settings but it’s also capable of switching between different display modes on the fly! And yes we mean it’s able to switch between modes, codecs and bit settings LIVE!

This will simplify the workflow of optimizing the display protocol setting by easily adjusting configuration on different locations and end user devices. Adjusting policies and countless logon and logoff actions are not longer needed.

Most importantly, everything Remote Display Analyzer changes has a temporary impact on the system it’s running on. Because it changes the actual Citrix Policy value, instead of specific registry settings, there’s no impact on support by Citrix whatsoever.